Our Haven

Dr Manjot 09Essence Ayurveda is a haven for those who have ears to listen to what their bodies are trying to tell them and have the willingness to work towards bringing their health back to balance. And by health we mean body, mind and soul.

Ayurveda says there are three important pursuits in life (1)—pursuit for prana or health; for dhan or wealth; and for parlok or afterlife.

I truly believe that we are souls—beings of light, love and wisdom—on a journey here on earth. We can’t deny the importance of physical and emotional aspects; the value of having a healthy body and sound mind; which go a long way in fulfilling our desires and aspirations for this beautiful life we have been blessed with.(2)

The ancient seers or rishis understood this and it was out of compassion for the humanity that they approached the Gods for the knowledge about science of life. (3)

This fact has been passed over the centuries to every seeker of Ayurveda so that they may feel confident in this wisdom that this science is not a manifestation of human mind which has unlimited scope for misinterpretation of the observations in life. The simplest evidence staring us in the face is the history of modern medicine. A fleeting look at the last 100 years of modern medicine reveals how much it has changed decade to decade and still is in the process of continuous flux.

In comparison, ayurvedic principles are still shining true even though centuries have elapsed and every day in ayurvedic clinics we find evidence of its efficacy and practability as it helps our clients achieve health.

Never more was ayurvedic wisdom so much needed in the past as it is needed now. While the human body has essentially remained the same, the food—-genetically modified, fertilizer fortified and chemically preserved—the lifestyle—-complex, high strung, stressed, on the go——and the environment—-pollution, hazardous chemicals, nuclear waste—-all have changed significantly.

Ayurveda embraces us like a loving mother; helping our bodies deal with effects and aftereffects of being incessantly bombarded with a multitude of stress inducing agents.

I lovingly welcome you to my much adored and intricate world of Ayurveda.