Kati Vasti

Dr Manjot 04Kati vasti is a specialized form of accessory treatment in which a dam of dough is made on “kati” or the lower back area. It is then filled with warm to hot herbal oil for 30-45 mins.

This treatment is very, very effective in curing sciatica, lumbar spondylosis, disc prolapse, and back pain caused due to injuries (sports or due to lifting weight).

People who have tried everything for years usually find relief within five sessions.

It works by

  • allowing the heat to reach to the deepest levels of tissues right upto the bone;
  • herbal oils enhancing healing by the virtue of herbs and simply because of nature of oil providing lubrication and
  • allowing the inflammation to come down,
  • deep injuries to heal
  • allowing the body space to come back to its normal anatomy.