Ayurvedic Consultation

Any ayurvedic treatment commences after a detailed analysis of the natal constitution (body type you are born with), the nature of imbalance (caused by various factors) and the role of diet, lifestyle and stress in causing the particular health issues.

What to expect at the consultation?

You will be asked a variety of questions pertaining to various aspects of who you are – general information, work profile, diet, exercise, sleep, allergies, past diseases/surgeries, addictions, family history of diseases.

  • A step by step systemic analysis of systems (various srotas) according to ayurveda is done.
  • Questions to determine your physical and mental types (vatikka, paitikka
    or sleshmikka)
  • Assessment of the emotional state—stress, depression, confusion, anxiety, anger, grief.

Then we proceed to physical examination that includes pulse, eyes, tongue, nails, hair, skin and if required affected body part.

The consultation is usually concluded by two types of advice;

  • Changes pertaining to diet, exercise, sleep, daily routine along with recommendations for meditation and yoga as required.
  • Various herbal medicines and ayurvedic therapies customized to your specific health requirements as deemed necessary.